Thursday, 24 September 2009

A return to being me

I took Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off to help my friend with her wedding, but the commitments for Wednesday and Thursday have been pretty light.  Instead, I have ended up taking the time to recover from the last couple of weeks of insanity.  

I got their "quilt pack" started - the central squares are cut and the triangles for the corners are printed.  I am giving them enough for 16 8" blocks - enough to get them started and playing, but not as intimidating as a full bed sized quilt!

I still want to write up some instructions, but I will need Kevin to take some pictures for the complete effect.

I also cleaned.  I cleaned a lot.  I think a lot of my frustration was because my home was so chaotic.  I can now use the bathroom without feeling guilty about how badly it needs cleaning!  Hurray!

With all the dirt, I managed to clean away my frustration about our guest (who is now gone).  His bedsheets are cleaned and the room is back to being my sewing space.

Of course, I baked an apple pie.  And I let the neighbour's kitten attack my feet repeatedly.  Slippers are important protection.

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  1. CLEANING!!! There must have been something in the wind cuz I cleaned my house too. UGH, how does a bathroom get so bad??? lol It sure felt wonderful to come home to a clean house though after spending a couple of days at the camp. And it probably felt great having your home back and your own space. Apple pie... mmmm sounds delicious! I just picked up some beautiful macintosh apples. They're great this year! I was trying to decide between apple pie or apple crisp... maybe both! Gosh, once I retire I can COOK! I'll maybe have time!