Saturday, 5 September 2009

My Next Project

- I am almost done the quilt for my friend's wedding
- I am about to lose my sewing room for a week

- all my other project is at the point where there is only machine sewing left to be done
- I have an insane amount of travel coming up in October

I think that I should start on my next project.

I am leaving the compass for now, since it will require a lot of thinking/shopping/dying the right fabrics.
I really want to do something geometric after working with bulges for so long.

Up for consideration are:
Another sphere. Note that I did sit down and figure out the pattern from the ceiling in Dali's museum - thank goodness for insomnia! I have tried to make spheres like this a couple of times, slowly iterating towards the right technique. I want to make the sphere itself about 60" wide (which makes most of the pieces about 6" x 9", I am happy to say!

Kevin really likes this option. He wants me to map on "land" colours according to Earth (or a similar planet). I am also considering making it in yellow/orange/red, and quilting it in corona and swirls for a sun. It could be a really fun one!

Second option:
A systematic study of rotating cubes. Each rotated cube would be scaled to the same size as a 2" tumbling block cube, and would be in a larger hexagon with a 4" side length, so that everything would map onto a classic tumbling blocks pattern (like I did for my "truly tumbling" quilt).

I would make it with Japanese folding, so that it would be pretty modular and easy. I have big ideas for how to dye the fabrics.

This one makes more sense if I want to post patterns on my website (when will I ever get back to that?). Also, if any of the dyeing etc. goes wrong, I can throw a bunch of bits into a baby quilt for the upcoming niece or nephew.

Any thoughts?

(Off to the last day of the quilt exhibit!)



  1. As an independent third party, I agree with your husband Kevin. You should listen to him in matters of quilting and otherwise. He also sounds handsome, witty and virile.

  2. And not at all biased!!
    I think that you should do whatever decreases your stress level the most - some people job - you quilt (I like the idea of quilting more because you are at least left with a finished product and something to show for your work, other than a few cramps. Ok, you get those too, but there's a point to them!!)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday so that I could find yours!

  4. I think you should plan on a project that can be a "take along" for your insane traveling in October... if you time it right it could be "in a kit" to be packed in your purse or such... maybe hand piecing? Hope that gives you an inspirational direction! lol