Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Inspiring Pictures - Buildings with unusual angles

Going through my folder of photos, I have found a lot of pictures with buildings that don't use 90º angles.

I spend a lot of time thinking about perspective. When you look at a cube close-up, it no longer looks like a cube - the sides elongate and the angles distort:

Every time I set up a quilt pattern with my computer program, I try to chose the right perspective to twist the angles away from the usual pattern, but maintain the correct size to the viewer.

We usually look at buildings in perspective, since we are so much smaller than them! I find it really interesting when architects alter the angles on their buildings to change the perspective, rather than changing the perspective itself.

Take this building in Amsterdam, for example. The door is a proper 90º from the ground. But the entire building is tilted over, even though it looks like I am taking the picture from below it (which, admittedly, I am, but not as much as it looks).

The Dutch are fantastic for this sort of game. Here is another building (I can't remember the city!) with some fun angles.

Tokyo, Japan. I love how this one "spins". Another pattern that I would love to make some day. It also gets smaller at the top (as well as the perspective), so it looks much taller than it actually is.

Seoul, S. Korea. I have a lot of pictures of the curves on roofs of traditional Oriental buildings - it is such a satisfying "flare". I wonder if there is a geometry to it like the "golden ratio".

Finally, of course, a pod hotel (Tokyo again). It seems so dated and 60's now... But it is also a lot like the "inner city" patterns some people make.


  1. Interesting buildings. I'm still not a big fan of modern buildings :)
    Thank you for visiting my blog. It has been updated with the info you asked for.

  2. We gave up on pods in hotels too early. A giant robotic arm could grab noisy pods and shake them until silence is achieved. Entertaining and practical.
    Since this pod hotel is in Japan, I have to conclude that was the architect's intent.

  3. You have really had a wonderful chance to see the world. I envy you that. Thanks so much for sharing your photos. And BTW who is this Canadian Attack Beaver??? LOLOL

  4. Hi Kirsten,

    As you get inspiration from unsual buildings, you may be interested by my former engineering school. Here are few pictures:



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