Sunday, 9 February 2014

Christmas Sewing Part 2 - Cuddle Monster Suit

Errol needed a proper winter suit, so I used the leftovers from Kevin's Santa suit to make a cuddle monster suit.

I used McCall's M6185 as a starting point.  However, none of these really fit him - Errol is sweet and cuddly, not ferocious and angry.

So I took elements from the suits and made him a cuddle monster.  

At Christmas, Verity was more excited about it and wore it more than Errol...

But Errol has come around to it and wears it all the time now.  He is totally cuddly in it!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

50's Style Dress for Verity

Verity and I used to spend a lot of time looking at clothes online.  However, whenever she saw a dress she likes, she now says, "Good.  Let's make it!" and gets angry that I don't drop everything to focus on her current whim.

Last week, we were back to our old game of narrowing search terms on Google Images until we found the perfect dress:
Even I had to admit it was beautiful.  We immediately ordered some pink fabric online (cheap polycotton), and I had to fend off Verity for the next 2 days while she kept asking why we weren't making her new dress yet.

It arrived on Saturday, but I stalled for a day while I cleaned and ironed the fabric.

Sunday morning, while Errol napped, I somehow convinced Verity to sit with me and do measurements and math to figure out our pattern.  She was disappointed that we were doing "special circle math" rather than "special triangle math", and I chose not to go into detail about how the triangle math could be derived from the circle math.  She then helped while we cut the fabric, and did her usual job of handing me pins and unwinding my bobbins while I sewed (at least she only does it with my cheap thread...)

By the time Errol woke up, we had the dress pretty much done.

(including the usual Errol photobomb...)

Verity was a bit disappointed because it didn't give her breasts, but she got over that.  She's barely taken it off since we gave it to her!

Finally, a gratuitous photo of Errol being cute.