Thursday, 3 September 2009

Cambridge Quilters Exhibition!

A quick post after an exhausting day - Kevin and I just spent 8 hours putting up quilts for my local quilt group's show. For such a small group there is some really amazing work - I'm so lucky that I can learn so much from the people around me. I'm also really, really lucky for Kevin - at 6'4", he was a hero for putting up all the really high quilts and helping out!

My Inverted Horizon:

And a detail to see just how stressed I was to sit around quilting such tiny spirals for hours and hours and hours... Thank goodness that project is over at work!

And my Exploding Blocks:

Everyone in the Cambridge area should come along! Friday & Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-4!


  1. I sure wish I was in the Cambridge area!!! I'd come along and help... which is why when I retire, I plan on joining a small local "country" guild. These ladies are like me, nuthin' fancy just quilters. lol

  2. Love your swirly quilting!
    I live in Cambridge too, but in a different country!