Sunday, 16 August 2009

Uploading a Pattern

has turned out to be more of a challenge than I had hoped. I am currently waiting for my domain name registration to go through so that I can actually post the files. Meanwhile, my flat is about to be overrun by men pretending to be Conan, Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery, etc. (it's Dungeons and Dragons Sunday & they play with funny voices...)

So I am going to write the post now, and add in the links later.

Here is the quilt thus far. I wasn't sure what the block name would be - it was pretty close to "broken dishes", so I decided to go with "shattered dishes". I am going to offset two bulging blocks with opposite colours, and fill the spaces with flat blocks.

The Bulges
If anyone cares, the equation I use for the bulges is z= if(0.99^2-x^2-y^2<0,1,w^(0.99^2-x^2-y^2)), where increasing w increases the bulge. I will eventually post for...





w = 9

I have been working on w=9. The total blocks are all 18" x 18", and the sides will always align to a 6" x 6" block (geometry is so cool).

The pattern is broken into 7 pdf files:

Overview, with a map of which piece goes where

A Light, with the light turquoise pieces (4 6.5" x 9" sheets)
A Medium, with the medium turquoise pieces (4 6.5" x 9" sheets)
A Dark, with the dark turquoise pieces (4 6.5" x 9" sheets)

B Light, with the light pink pieces (4 6.5" x 9" sheets)
B Medium, with the medium pink pieces (2.5 6.5" x 9" sheets)
B Dark, with the dark pink pieces (5 6.5" x 9" sheets)

And, if I can get it to upload, the Excel file.

Remember, the piece number is in the corner, and the adjacent piece is along the side. You can print directly onto the fabric, or make templates.

I am going to go hide in the sewing room for a while....



  1. Holey Moley!!! I looked at the equation... um, duh! I am not all that bad with math, but wow!lolol I love the effects though! lol I wouldn't hide in the sewing room, I'd be printing it in a book! lol hats off to you... sylvia