Monday, 17 August 2009


After trying (and failing) to import some data all day and then trying to figure out DNS codes this evening, I need a break.

A pattern that I am considering for a new niece / nephew that is coming in October:

Subject, of course, to approval by my husband, whose side of the family the baby will be on. I am thinking of this in a 27" block, with some octagons and stars around it (+ 4.5" border) to make 36" x 54".

I have run a quick trial of the pattern, and I may even be able to use up some of my jelly rolls with the star and ring!

Ah. Much more fun than networking.



  1. So, is a jelly roll a whole bunch of fact quarters that get together and form some sort of comune?

  2. Silly boy. Jelly rolls are the round piles of fabric that are taking over my sewing room.

  3. I know, but how are they different than fat quarters?
    As for being silly, well, you married me.

  4. Lol Over here we not only have jelly rolls, we have layer cakes too!!! They're lovely 12" or so squares of collections of fabrics.

    I love the new design. Sigh, I'm so envious of your ability to create these phenominal things...

  5. If only I had time to put it all together...