Sunday, 19 January 2014

For Kevin

I bought this shirt quickly, not even looking at size, while Verity wreaked havoc on the rest of the charity shop.  She ended up with a Hannah Montannah guitar and microphone.  I ended up with this shirt, which is the perfect colour for Kevin (it totally matches his eyes.  My husband is so hot.)

However, when I got home, it didn't fit him very well:

(yes, that's Errol trying to hold hands as Kevin tries to look tough.  My men are so cute.)

The shirt was too small around the neck, fine in the shoulders, then too small in the chest and front.  Strangely, it was long enough in the arms, which doesn't happen very often.

I found a shirt that had a stripe of a similar colour, but was a "short fat man" shirt as Kevin calls them.  I stole the collar, and then took some of the fabric to make bowling stripes down the front and free up the chest a bit.  For some reason, the back had the pleats sewn down, so I un-picked those as well, giving a bit more room in the back.

Now we have a great fit in the front and back.  Most importantly, Kevin has a shirt that fills the office requirements of a collar, but manages to actually give him a bit of originality!

(I didn't notice before that he isn't smiling in any of the pictures.  I swear he's happy about it!)

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