Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Christmas Sewing Part 1 - Santa Suit

When I was a kid, we had a Santa suit that my grandmother had made.  My dad would wear it while he handed out gifts.  Good memories.

Of course, once I had my own family, I wanted our own Santa suit.

I bought one.  It was too small for Kevin, and there was no love sewn into it.  It turned into a battle whether Kevin would wear it at all.

This year, I decided to make a suit for Kevin.  

First things first: the pattern.  I got the Simplicity pattern, as it seemed to have more choice than the others I saw.

Then the fabric. In line with my determination to make as much from second-hand fabrics as possible, I got some velour curtains off ebay for £8:

They were a bit worn in places and had been poorly re-hemmed at some point, but that just adds character!

After a wash and an iron, I cut out the pattern for the long Santa jacket (I didn't have enough fabric for the short jacket and trousers).  I decided to line it with some satin I got online, and then decided to make Kevin some trousers for underneath the jacket out of the same fabric.  Finally, I got some trim and fake fur (Kevin requested fur that looked more like wool than soft fur, so that's what we got).

Some interim pics:

And the real test - Christmas itself!

The whole suit cost about £30, and looks awesome.  Totally worth it.

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