Monday, 30 November 2009

The first scan

I don't want this to become a baby blog (come on, this has happened at least 6 billion times before - so what?), but we had our first scan today.

A. I really am pregnant!  Not faking it!
B. It's a thumb sucker.  Apparently Kevin and I accidentally doubled up on those genes.
C. It did the same indignant turn over and try to ignore me thing that Kevin does in the middle of the night.  Definitely his child!


  1. Congratulations, he/she is nearly as pretty as his/her mum!

    When you say "this has happened at least 6 billion times before", you largely underestimate this number. It has happened at least 100 billion times before: Src wikipedia

  2. Hi and thanks for the commnet on my blog.

    You will never forget the moment you saw the scan. my sons are now 14 and 11 and I can still remember those two days. good luck and hope all goes well.

  3. :o)
    (I really should pay attention more often!)

  4. Ahhhhhhwwwww!!! How sweet! At first I couldn't see him/her. Those photos always confound me. But when I came back to it, there he/she was!!! A sweet little button nose and those little fingers. I'm so happy for you!!!