Saturday, 1 January 2011

Finished the baby quilt!

Things are still moving much slower than they used to, but I finally finished it!

I also made matching baby quilts for Verity's cousins, Max and Khilan.  I don't have pictures of those ones handy, though.  The back (or what Verity would let me photography of it):

As a reminder: my in-laws found the brown solid when they were clearing out Verity's great-grandmother's cabin.  The batik is from a shopping trip while my parents and siblings in-law were visiting.  The orange solid was dyed by Kevin, because I was too pregnant to use dyes at the time.

I quilted each block separately and then combined them later.  Each quilt has different patterns in each block, although I did end up repeating my favourites.  Most of them are free hand, although you can probably tell where I used a walking foot.
It was fun and a good learning experience, but I am pleased to be done!


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