Monday, 7 June 2010

Still Alive!

Ok, it's been a while.  I am happy to say that I am still alive, and currently waiting for my overdue baby to arrive.

When it came down to a choice between:
- working
- gestating
- writing / blogging / spending time on the internet researching quilting
- quilting & sewing

I had to eliminate one.  The blogging went.  And now working seems to have eliminated itself, so maybe I can actually update!

Most of the sewing I have done has been much more boring than previously - various contraptions to keep babies warm and their poo in appropriate places.  I have done some quilting, though:
Back in about Jan 2009, I had a baby shower for a friend.  We each painted a 6" block (the top right and bottom left are fillers).  I promised to put it together into a quilt before the baby's first birthday - in other words, I barely got it done in time!  

Another quick project over the Christmas break:

I made this one because I wanted to see if I could quilt the circles.  It is just a quick jelly roll quilt.  It was my first time playing with batiques - they are really nice to work with!

We ended up giving this one to a co-worker of Kevin's that has a 1-year-old.  She gave us tons and tons of stuff (car seat, bath, etc.) so it seemed like the least I could do.

There have been other quilts, which I will add later.


  1. Hi there, nice to see you back and hope all goes well with the baby.

  2. Hope this finds you and your family well and happy! Just thought I'd stop by and say hey!!!